Apr 30, 2020

Getting high Up North!

high maintenance Cannabis Peeling Mask

clip of the high beauty High Maintenance Peeling Mask in Elle Canada.

ElleCanada.com compiled a list of their favorite quarantine-friendly beauty products you can order on-line & guess what???  TBG client high beauty made the list!  YAY!

They featured the high maintenance Peeling Mask, which sells for $62.00.  It is a cannabis sativa seed oil that is intended to be used once a week to, according to Elle, “keep your skin looking fresh, even when you feel otherwise.”  We’ve used the high maintenance Mask & trust us… we love it!

Thanks ElleCanada!

To get your own high maintenance Peeling Mask, or any of the other incredible high beauty products, visit their website:  www.highbeauty.com

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